autoctona was launched in 2011.

annually we release a series of objects and collaborative projects with fellow creatives and businesses alike.

the label combines a timeless aesthetic and innovative concepts with a traditional approach to manufacturing and product integrity.

we conceive wearable objects that search for a deeper relationship between the individual and the piece, both emotionally and functionally.

our focus is on a contemporary reinterpretation of the amulet and in transcending conventional boundaries that define clothing, jewelry and accessories.


we are a creative platform lead by italian multidisciplinary designer alessandra martina murgia.

the studio encompasses the eponymous house label and develop individual projects for a private clientele.

we operates between new york and portland, oregon, proudly working with a worldwide clientele.


alessandra is an italian born designer living and working in the united states.

her vision takes inception from her upbringing in the millennial culture of her native sardinia and a fascination with esoterica and ethnology.

in her twenties she traveled through asia, america and africa, experiencing further the relations between culture, identity and wearables.

she holds a BA honors in womenswear and accessory from the IED moda lab in milan, and studied textiles design and pattern cutting in london.

before relocating to the states she has lived and worked in the united kingdom, italy and the netherlands.